Shin Jae Joins Ms Perfect’s OST


[by Ent Team] Singer Shin Jae is the fifth artist to join drama ‘Ms Perfect’s OST.

On April 4, the part of singer Shin Jae for ‘Ms Perfect’s OST, ‘Don’t Know’, was released. It’s an acoustic guitar that paints a soft melody on a medium tempo.

This song pictures the blurred feelings that Kang Bonggoo (Sung Joon) has for strong yet sensitive woman Jaebok (Go Soyoung), and Shin Jae’s subtle voice power amplifies this meaning.

The producing and writing team behind this song is already famous in the world of original soundtracks with great hits for big drama series such as ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’, ‘The Girl Who Sees Smell’, and more.

But the OST world has another hidden pearl, and it’s of course Shin Jae, whose marvelous voice is able to take female hearts wherever he sings. This time again (he has a background of soundtracks) he showed great digestion of the story he is telling through music.

Meanwhile, KBS2’s drama ‘Ms Perfect’s OST PART5, ‘Don’t Know’ by Shin Jae was unveiled on all online platforms. (photo by Star Entry Entertainment)