SG Wannabe Joins Forces With Actor Kam Woo Sung


[by Ent Team] Actor Kam Woo Sung met with SG Wannabe.

SG Wannabe released the teaser for the music video of upcoming single ‘I’m Missing You’ on its official YouTube Channel on November 17.

In the teaser, actor Kim Woo Sung makes a quick yet highly relevant appearance that has the public wanting for more already. With such a casting, the full-length version of the music video is expected to flaunt a movie-like quality.

In the teaser that was unveiled today, the viewer in immerged in a cozy, family atmosphere supported by a warm piano melody until the protagonist suddenly wakes up with a blank on his face. The production reminds a quality movie, which seems to be a smart move for SG Wannabe’s comeback.

‘I’m Missing You’ is the fruit of a special collaboration between SG Wannabe and producer Cho Young Soo, who is no stranger to the group’s success.

Meanwhile, SG Wannabe’s upcoming mini-album ‘Our Days’ will be released on November 19. (photo by CJ E&M Music)

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