Seventeen Selected as ‘K-Pop Rookie’ by Fuse TV


[by Yoonjung Yi] Super rookie boy group Seventeen is taking over the world.

Recently, Seventeen grasped the attention of the mass public by being named as the ‘2015 K-Pop Rookie’ group by the United States’ popular music media Fuse TV.

Fuse TV’s Jeff Benjamin, also known as the K-pop columnist of Billboard, said that “Seventeen proved its competence by its 13 members actually participating in producing their own music. Woozi took part in production and songwriting of the entire album including the group’s debut songs ‘Adore U’ and ‘Mansae’.”

He added, “Seventeen’s debut album ’17 Cart’ will follow the steps of Big Bang, EXO and BTS by putting securing its place in various K-pop music charts.”

Previously, Seventeen also won the rookie award at 7th Annual Philippine K-Pop Convention on December 20, and was selected as the only Asian musician group to be named in ’21 under 21’ by Billboard.

Moreover, it has been placed first on Gaon Social Chart for two weeks in a row, and has continued to secure its high rank. Its second mini album ‘Boys Be’ ranked first on World Album Chart o on Billboard.

Meanwhile, Seventeen will hold its solo concert at Yong-san Art Hall in Seoul from 24 to 26. (photo by Pledis Entertainment)