‘Seven’ Park Minyoung, Yeon Woojin, Lee Donggun share how they feel as they finish the drama.


The last episode of ‘Queen for Seven Days’ will air tonight. Let’s hear how the main cast feel as they have to say good-bye to their characters and fans!

Park Minyoung (Shin Chaegyeong)

Chaegyeong was the heroine of the drama and the center of a fatal love triangle. As she was a very emotional and dramatic character, it must have been a difficult challenge for Park Minyoungas an actress.

Park Minyoung said, “‘Queen for Seven Days’ was very special to me. I just wanted so badly to do a good job. I spent more time than ever with the script and tried my best while shooting every scene and every cut. I am grateful for the help of all the wonderful staff and enthusiastic actors. I was glad to regain the joy and passion for acting intensely as I played Chaegyeong.”

Yeon Woojin (Lee Yeok)

“The time I spent to study and imagine Lee Yeok‘s character was meaningful to me. It was a process that set the indicator for my acting career and a challenge that allowed me to aim higher. I will keep those times as precious memories, and I will try to put my best face forward.”

Lee Donggun (Lee Yung)

He was the only one among the main cast who did not have a child actor counterpart, but he naturally blended in with the drama. Surprisingly, it was his first historical drama since his debut.

“I am grateful to have met Lee Yung through ‘Queen for Seven Days.’ Thanks to the director, staff, actors who had a burning passion hotter than the summer, we were able to wrap up well. Lastly, I would like to thank the viewers who loved ‘Queen for Seven Days.”

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