‘Seven’ Lee Yeok is back, with a sword of vengeance. [Queen for Seven Days]


Is Yeok dreaming of taking a bloody vengeance?

Episode 5 revealed how Lee Yeok has been living for the past five years. Believing that his older brother Yung tried to kill him, he has been swearing vengeance for five years. On the other hand, Yung also spent years of agony thinking that his young brother Yeok had died.

Newly released teaser photos show the two brothers reunited. On a dark, gloomy night, King Lee Yung is leaning against the throne and sleeping in the empty council hall. It is just like the calm before the storm. Then Lee Yeok appears, disguised as a eunuch. He sits in front of Yung, who is asleep.

What catches our eye is the sword in his hand. Who is he going to point at with the sword? Is it going to be Yung? It will be revealed on episode 6 of ‘Queen for Seven Days.’

[Queen for Seven Days]

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