‘Seven’ Is Chaegyeong going to recognize her first love? [Queen for Seven Days]


Chaegyeong moves the viewers to tears and laughter with her versatile character.

At times, Chaegyeong is straightforward. In episode 5, she confesses to Yeok and gets him to kiss her. At other times, she is such a lovely, shy girl who deeply misses her first love.

In episode 6, Chaegyeong dresses up as a young male scholar. What could be the reason?

She then dolls herself up in a beautiful dress and becomes the center of attention!

Chaegyeong thinks that Yeok looks and sounds just like her first love, but Yeok lies to her that he isn’t the same guy. She gives way to helpless misery, overwhelmed by sadness.

Is she going to realize that Yeok is indeed her first love?

[Queen for Seven Days]

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