‘Seven’ Chaegyeong volunteers to be Yung’s woman! [Queen for Seven Days]


Chaegyeong kneels down before Yung and begs him to let her stay beside him.

On tonight’s episode of ‘Queen for Seven Days,’ Lee Yeok is accused of treason and Yung plans to execute Yeok brutally.

Chaegyeong is now the wife of a traitor, a criminal. Back in the days, this means that she now belongs to the lowest class.

Chaegyeong goes to Yung and asks him to let her be with him. She says, “I will stay beside you lord, forever. Yung says, “What if Yeok comes to rescue you? Let me see, I will then cut his Achilles tendon.”

Why is Chaegyeong trying to be Yung‘s woman? Is she betraying Yeok? Or does she have something else in mind? Stay tuned!

[Queen for Seven Days]

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