‘Seven’ Chaegyeong gets married, but she’s the saddest bride. [Queen for Seven Days]


On episode 11, Chaegyeong and Yeok hold a wedding, but Chaegyeong is not happy.

Yung orders Chaegyeong to keep a close eye on Yeok and gives her a knife. Chaegyeong tells him that she will prove Yeok‘s loyalty herself. Before their wedding, Chaegyeong asks Yeok if he has anything to say to her. Yeok can’t tell her that he’s planning a rebellion.

Chaegyeong proceeds with the marriage without knowing Yeok‘s secret. Yung sends her a letter telling her that she’s being fooled by Yeok‘s lies.

Yeok is late to the wedding ceremony, and Chaegyeong starts to get anxious. Yeok barely makes it on time, and the ceremony proceeds. Then Chaegyeong sees blood dripping down Yeok‘s arm! Where has he been to before the wedding? This makes Chaegyeong confused. Could Yung‘s warning be true?

Can she trust Yeok? It’s supposed to be a happy day, but poor Chaegyeong feels sad.


[Queen for Seven Days]

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