Seungjae Is Victim of A Prank

[by Ent Team] What’s happened to Seungjae’s face?
In the 198th episode of The Return Of Superman, Seungjae’s doodled face caught the attention of the viewers.
Just by seeing a few images of his face, we can’t hold our laughter: the eye brows of a pine caterpillar, a dark mustache, sideburns, it just feels like everything was randomly drawn on his face.
Apparently surprised by his own face, Seungjae can’t take his eyes off it and keeps looking at the mirror. Impersonating a charismatic uncle, he holds a serious expression. And seeing him so confused about whether the situation is funny or not unleashes a burst of laughter.
His journey to the hair dresser also seems to be funny. He is still wearing his new mask as he is getting his hair treated… and a special permanent treatment. It didn’t only entertain the viewers of the show but also the visitors of the salon that day. We hear that he didn’t care about what people were saying and kept a very natural expression, making every laugh even louder.
The suspect behind the crime was his dad, Go Jiyong. It apparently came as a revenge for all the jokes that Seungjae always do. He even told him that he would erase everything should he obey to his saying. But Seungjae’s response was quite unexpected.
The project of the dad, the reaction of the son, can all be seen in The Return of Superman on KBS2. (photos by KBS2)