Seoeon and Seojun Learn to Care for Others [The Return of Superman]


The twins, Seoeon and Seojun now know how to get along with their friends and to think for the others. Hwijae makes a small community where parents can share their problems from raising their twins. On the same day, he invites four twins friends from his neighborhood and the fathers let their children play with each other and enjoy their day together.

When Yubin, one of Seoeon’s friend, jumps from the stairs without looking scared, Seoeon decides to jump as well, which surprises Hwijae. It is adorable how Seoeon and Seojun get motivated by their friend’s bravery and take a challenege.

Moreover, the twins learn how important it is to console other people. When Sia bursts into tears, the twins come by her and tell her to stop crying. Seoeon, especially, looks kindly at Sia and say, “Don’t cry! Let’s go eat something delicious!” And, this situation makes their dad, Hwijae very satisfied.

[The Return of Superman]

Show time: Sun 16:20 | Re-run: Mon 01:20, Thu 18:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)