Seo Yuri Surprises Netizens with her Singing


[by Yanchingsally Chu] The video of announcer Seo Yuri singing on ‘King of Mask Singer’ has become hot issues.

On the previous episode of ‘King of Mask Singer’ that was aired on July 24, she showed up wearing a ‘Siberian igloo’ mask and her singing ability captured the attention of the audience. Her refreshing and steady singing, as well as her splendid performance evoked praises of many.

Netizens showed great responses after watching her performance. She was on the keyword charts of a slew of portal sites right after broadcasting of the show. Moreover, the video clip of her singing recorded over 580,000 views.

Seo Yuri said, “I felt stressed to participate in singing program as a non-singer. Thank you for paying attention to my singing. Although I was stressed out, I feel highly satisfied. Thanks again for supporting me.”

Meanwhile, Seo Yuri participates in variety shows such as MBC ‘My Little Television’ now. (photo by Chorokbaem Entertainment)