Seo In-guk gives a behind the scenes interview for Hello Monster, recalling his role as Lee Hyun.



    Actor Seo In-guk appears in a Youku interview.

    Seo In-guk tells various stories about his time on set for the Drama Hello Monster (lit. I Remember You), in an interview on China’s main video site, Youku.

    In the Youku video interview done by Chatting With Drama Stars, Seo In-guk talks about his drama which has received a lot of love from China, sharing the various things he got caught up in, in the drama.

    This Youku interview specifically centered around the KBS 2TV drama Hello Monster (I Remember You) which Youku is importing to China. This was actually the show’s first interview with a Korean actor.

    The Youku channel Chatting With Drama Stars, has accumulated a total of over 60 000 000 views. Chinese actors Jerry Yan, Lee Cheon, and Lu Yi received a lot of love when they previously appeared on the show.

    The interview was held in the center of Gangnam Seoul, at the end of November, during the first snow fall. We can now release what Seo In-guk discussed that day.


    Actor Seo In-guk recalling his time as Lee Hyun

    Now let’s get down to the real interview.


    “Hello Monster isn’t a drama you can easily just watch once and forget about.

    There are a lot of different events in it. Lee Hyun is part of the big important events and tries to resolve them in the final episodes.

    If you start watching it, you gotta watch it until the end.”

    Seo In-guk talks about the points to watch for.


    “I got really attached to my roles as Yoon-jae in Reply 1997, and Min-seok in High School King of Savvy.

    Those were a bit younger roles, so their actions were more carefree. They were more emotional characters than logical ones.

    Doing those bits felt refreshing for me as well.”

     Seo In-guk talking about the character he feels most attached to.


    True or False question time

    “That is definitely true.”

    Seo In-guk showed off his charm by smoothly answering the reporter’s questions.


    See In-guk bursting into laughter

    What question could possibly be making him laugh like that?


    After the interview…

    He is signing the show’s sound track, which will be given to one lucky fan

    Who will be the lucky person to receive the Hello Monster sound track?


    Please continue to love and remember Seo In-guk

    [Editor’s Notes] The interview happened really late in the day, which made it really difficult. But as expected Seo In-guk showed excellent attentiveness during the video interview, never missing a beat as the interviewer fired off questions.

    Before the interview, while they were breaking the ice, the interviewer discovered that they were both from the same hometown. He confidently was the first person to extend his hand for a handshake, showing his easy going and personable nature.

    It has been seven years since Seo In-guk has debut to the entertainment world, and it has been an eventful journey. He sings, he acts, he is a multi-faceted entertainer who has traveled a long road.

    Based on this interview we also believe he has a long career ahead of him.


    Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Choi Eun-hee

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