Seo In Gook Turns Into A Handsome Beggar


[Ent Team] ‘Shopaholic Louis’ revealed new still cuts.

On October 27, MBC unveiled still cuts of mini series ‘Shopaholic Louis’ showing Seo In Gook in a handsome beggar moment.

In the preview for today’s episode, Seo In Gook finds himself in the same situation as when he first met Nam Ji Hyun’s character, Bok Shil. As she calls for him, he seems to only ask “do you know me?” That’s the kind of preview that gets the audience waiting.

In the 11th episode that aired today, the longing relationship between Louis and Bok Shil was depicted.

Meanwhile, MBC’s mini series ‘Shopaholic Louis’ airs every Wed-Thursday at 10PM KST. (photo by MBC)