Seo In Gook and Nam Ji Hyun Finally Kiss


[by Ent Team] Seo In Gook and Nam Ji Hyun’s first kiss in ‘Shopaholic Louis’ makes a hot issue amongst viewers.

The team of the MBC Wed-Thursday drama series recently unveiled a photo of protagonists Louis and Go Bok Shik (respectively played by Seo In Gook and Nam Ji Hyun) about to kiss.

The picture shows the pretty couple staring at each other in a lovely manner just before lip-locking. The first kiss scene of the new representative love team of Korea was shot in one of Busan’s famous alleys.

The public was already teased about this scene in a preview of upcoming episodes which had fans even more excited about the outcome of it.

Meanwhile, MBC’s mini series ‘Shopaholic Louis’ airs every Wed-Thursday at 10PM. (photo by MBC)