Sechs Kies Releasing Full Length Album after 18 years…Reveals Highlight Reel


[by Ent Team] Sechs Kies is back!

On September 21st, YG Entertainment stated, “Sechs Kies will be unveiling their 5th full length album ‘Another Light’ after 18 years today(21st).”

YG Entertainment released a track highlight reel of ‘Another Light’ today(21st) on the official blog. The album countdown poster is also raising anticipation.

The highlight reel is filled with samples of the 9 tracks including the double title tracks ‘Special’ and ‘Smile’, and the other tracks ‘I Got the Feeling’, ‘I Need You’, ‘Back Hug’, ‘Let’s Stop Drinking’, ‘Dizzy’, ‘Again’, ‘Long Time No See’.

Also, ‘Another Light’s image with the meaning of ‘a new concept of an album with diversified color and light’ shows a gray tone and motion graphic visuals.

This album is full of music of various genres. Winner’s Song Minho and Lee Seunghoon, Epik High’s Tablo, Future Bounce, etc., of YG Entertainment’s team are involved in order to show a different color and charm of Sech Skies.

Sech Skies conveyed their feelings, “After MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’ it was a temporary project that could end but we’ve come to here. After 20 years we’ve had various events happen but the 5th album feels news. It’s a full length album after 18 years. We worked hard as if we are taking off again.”

Meanwhile, Sechs Kies will be releasing their 5th full length album of 9 tracks today (21st) at 6pm. An hour before the release, they will communicate with fans at 5pm via V Live. On the 23rd they will hold ‘2017 Sechs Kies 20th Anniversary Concert’. (photo by YG Entertainment)