Sechs Kies Held A Special Performance At MBC’s Entertainment Awards


[by Ent Team] Sechs Kies was on the stage of the 2016 MBC Entertainment Awards.

On December 29, group Sechs Kiers teamed up with one of the nominees of the big prize. The nominees were Yoo Jae Seok, Kim Gu Ra, Jung Joon Ha and Kim Seong Joo.

The excitation was at its peak as the group decided to launch their performance with a nominee whose identity had been kept secret until due time. Also, the announcement had been made prior to the ceremony, which had the fans’ curiosity growing and growing.

Meanwhile, Sechs Kies will close the promotion of new album ‘2016 Re-ALBUM’, the group’s first release after a sixteen year-break, on January 1. (photo by YG Entertainment)