SE7EN’s New Album Contains 7 Tracks


[by Ent Team] It’s time for SE7EN to also reveal the tracklist to his new album.

On October 13, ELEVEN9 Entertainment, SE7EN’s new company, revealed the contents of the singer’s upcoming ‘I AM SE7EN’ album on social media.

‘I AM SE7EN’ includes seven songs on which the artist worked on both producing and writing. Especially on the title track ‘GIVE IT TO ME’, SE7EN joined star producer Kush during the creating process. As usual, the singer flirts with the hip hop word: ‘Good Night’ features rapper Reddy and pop song ’11:30’ features Master Wu.

This album actually fuses several genres such as R’n’B, pop, dance or even funk to perfectly translate the complexity of SE7EN’s charms.

Meanwhile, SE7EN’s new album ‘I AM SE7EN’ title track ‘GIVE IT TO ME’ was released a few hours ago. (photo by ELEVEN9 ENT)