Screenwriter Kim Eun Sook says, “Song Joongki & Song Hyegyo love each other to death.”


Writer of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ talks about the Song-Song couple.

On September 6, screenwriters Kim Eun Sook (Descendants of the Sun, Goblin) and Kim Eun Hee(Signal) participated in ‘Best meets best: Goblin vs. Signal’ talk event.

When asked the question “Song-Song couple was born in ‘Descendants of the Sun,’ do you think it’s because of the romantic lines in the drama?”, Kim Eun Sook jokingly responded, “You should ask that to Song Hyegyo.” She added, “Song Hyegyo once told me that Yoo Sijin (Song Joongki’s character in ‘Descendants of the Sun’) changed Song Joongki.”

She continued, “Song Joongki is manly and tough. And [the drama] added sweetness to his personality. I think that’s why he’s the best. They are such a cute couple.”

She commented, “They love each other to death. Just looking at them gives me a smile. I genuinely wish them the best.”