‘School’ Eunho X Taeun X Daehwi high school love triangle begins?! [School 2017]


Taeun slowly opens up to Eunho. He tells her that he continued his activities as X to save her from the crisis, and he helps out with her part time job. When he hears the news that Eunho’s crush has a girlfriend, he can’t hold back a smile. It’s obvious that he is starting to feel something special for Eunho!

Meanwhile, Eunho and Daehwi have established common ground and grown closer since they learned about each other’s family circumstances.

When Daehwi runs away with the math contest test papers, he bumps into Eunho, and she finds out what he was trying to do. The two meet at a cafe to talk about this. Taeun appears out of nowhere and tries to take Eunho away from Daehwi!

Taeun warns Eunho, “Don’t ever meet Song Daehwi again. Don’t get involved with him either.”

Daehwi and Taeun hold grudges against each other, and now Eunho also stands between them to add jealousy to the grudge. Will it possible for Taeun and Daehwi to restore their broken friendship?

[School 2017]

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