‘School 2017’ All the cast has gathered at the press conference! [School 2017]


On July 11th, the press conference for the new KBS drama ‘School 2017’ took place.

The director explained why he casted Kim Sejeong as the main character even though she’s never acted before. He said, “Even though she’s an idol, I saw her as a rookie actress. I wasn’t expecting a lot, but she was good at acting. She analyzes her character carefully, and she asks a lot of difficult questions when we shoot. She’s very ambitious about acting, talented, and diligent as well.”

Sejeong plays Ra Eunho, a student who dreams of going to an elite university for a special reason despite the fact that she is ranked 280th out of 280 students in her class.

Sejeong said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve worn a school uniform. Wearing the uniform helped me remember the feelings of the past, so I was able to concentrate in my role as EunhoEunho‘s personality is very similar to mine. I tried to act using my memories from high school.”

Kim Junghyun plays Hyeon Taeun, a rebellious boy. He described his character this way: “Taeunis  clumsy at expressing his feelings. He’s not a bad guy. Once you get to know him, you’ll start liking him.”

Jang Dong Yoon plays a golden boy character Song Daehwi. He said, “Daehwi is the perfect boy next door, and he’s also class president. He seems perfect from the outside, but he actually has a lot of worries and problems just like any other students do.”

Han Seonhwa plays Han Suji, a school police. She said, “In the beginning I appear wearing a police uniform. I also shot some action scenes and thought that my body isn’t rusty yet.”

Ro Woon of SF9 plays Kang Hyeonil, a member of a rising idol group ‘ISSUE.’ Ro Woon said, “While his team is popular, Hyeonil isn’t, so he goes to school.”

Photo with the director!

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‘School 2017’ premieres on KBS WORLD on July 18th, following ‘Fight for My Way.’



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