Sandara Park Joins Movie ‘Cheese In The Trap’


[by Ent Team] The lineup of movie ‘Cheese in the Trap’ was revealed: Sandara Park and Kim Hyunjin got the roles.

On March 24, production company Mountain Movement Story revealed that Sandara Park and Kim Hyunjin were respectively given the roles of Jang Bora and Kwon Euntaek in movie ‘Cheese in the Trap’.

Sandara Park will pay Hongseol (Oh Yeonseo)’s best friend, a woman full of energy and passion, very refreshing. As for Kim Hyunjin’s character, he is a very bright and adorable man with model-worthy looks who protects Sandara’s character.

A representative said that, ‘Sandara prepared every aspect of Bora, from her refreshing mood to her straightforward talking, she’s the best qualified person for this role. We anticipate Kim Hyunjin’s acting of the webtoon character of Euntaek, who’s a very charismatic and model-handsome man.’’

They added, ‘’They will support ‘Cheese in the Trap’ which is a very famous and well-appreciated piece these days. Unique yet honest Sandara Park, fresh rookie Kim Hyunjin, they both have similarities with the original characters.’’

Meanwhile, movie ‘Cheese in the Trap’ boasts a quality casting with Park Haejin, Oh Yeonseo, Yoo Inyoung, Park Ki-eung, Oh Jonghyuk, Sandara Park and Kim Hyunjin. It will hit theaters in April. (photo by YG Entertainment, Mountain Movement Entertainment)


Write: 2017-03-25 17:11:34 / Update: -1-