‘Saimdang, Light’s Diary’ Press Conference Fashion of Lee Young Ae and Oh Yoon Ah


[by Kim Min Soo] SBS’s highly anticipated drama ‘Saimdang, Light’s Diary’, attracted the attention of viewers and the fashion of the actresses who made an appearance at the press conference are making the headlines.

They are Lee Young Ae portraying Shin Saimdang and Oh Yoon Ah who portrays Whieumdang Choi on the drama. These two actresses walked up to the stage boasting their extraordinary beauty. Oh Yoon Ah looked lavishing with feminine charm and Lee Young Ae, who is returning to the drama after 13 years, still had delicate beauty.

We looked closer to Lee Young Ae-Oh Yoon Ah’s fashion at the press conference.

#Lee Young Ae

Actoress Lee Young-ae returned to the dramas after 13 years since ‘Dae Jang Geum’. We cannot take our eyes off of her unmatched beauty and sense of style. She looked perfect with a vibrant garden pattern dress.

Especially with the mid-length black dress and hair that seems to be slightly damp, she created an elegant and sophisticated style. She also matched beige colored strap sandals to complete a Lee Young Ae’s classic refined fashion.

#Oh Yoon Ah

Oh Yoon Ah who always demonstrate unique and abundant charm in each work, mastered the public event look by appropriately combining feminine and sexy allures.

She matched a flower print skirt with a crop top blouse that exposed her sexy abdominal muscles slightly to complete a feminine look. As a fashion point, she balanced her overall outfit to the ruffle detail of the blouse.

#Editor`s Pick

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