Romance between Siu and Sundeok? [Moorim School: Saga of the Brave]


There is romance in the air between Siu and Sundeok.

The still above shows Sundeok hugging Siu from behind while riding the motorcycle.

Seeing Siu being threatened by gang members, Sundeok helps him escape. However, her kindness ends up pushing Siu into danger. This makes him misunderstand her intentions.

Siu asks Sundeok to have a press interview and explain what has really happened. Without knowing what he is talking about, Sundeok declines his offer. As soon as she finds out what is going on, she wants to help him. They agree to speak to reporters but she ends up breaking the promise as her father is taken to the police station.

Many fans of “Moorim School” are excited to discover why Siu and Sundeok are on the motorcycle together in this situation.

[Moorim School: Saga of the Brave]

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