Refreshing Youthful Juicy Makeup of Sulli & IU


[by Choi Woo Jin/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Focus on this article if you want to have a fresh face. Contour makeup that highlights defined facial features can make one look old easily and is difficult to style. Let’s try juicy makeup instead.

Juicy makeup which has a finish as if fruit juice will come out once you touch your face can help you get a refreshing face. We will introduce the makeup methods and items of Sulli and IU who are well-known for their sweet baby face in the entertainment industry.

STEP 1 Make a Flawless Skin


Firstly, cover your blemishes and dark circles by a concealer. Apply a primer on top to make perfect skin and then put on a thin layer of foundation in a natural shade using a brush. Round off the base makeup by dabbing it with a sponge to blend together seamlessly.

Item_ LOREAL PARIS Lucent Magique Primer

It is a highlighting primer that brightens up skin tone. It has a milky texture to present a moisturized and smooth finish.

STEP 2 Showcase Gentle Apricot Eye Makeup


Color your brows black or brown for a natural finish. Then, apply a matte apricot, pink or pastel tone eyeshadow on lids and under eye area. After that, draw an eyeliner for clear eyes and apply a highlighter under your eyes.

Item_ HOLIKA HOLIKA Jewel Light Shimmer Eyes

This eyeshadow contains delicate pearl substances, which help pull off refined makeup when applied on the lids.

STEP 3 Get Juicy Dewy Lips

#Lip Tint Pack or Lip Tint

Lip makeup is the most important part of juicy makeup. You need a vivid yet not too excessive color, while keeping your lips hydrated for a long time. Use a pink glossy lip tint to pull off a stylish look. A lip tint pack is a great choice, which presents a natural color.

Item_Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack

This is an ‘it’ item that comes in nine colors. Apply it on your lips and wait for ten minutes before tearing it off to get a saturated finish for a long time.

(photo by Berrisom, Loreal Paris, Holika Holika, bntnews DB)