Red Velvet Discloses Wendy’s Teaser


[by Woorim Ahn] Red Velvet will hit K-pop scene with ‘Rookie’.

On February 1 at midnight, the group will release its fourth mini album that contains a total of six tracks including title song ‘Rookie’ and the fans are raising their anticipations for the comeback.

In particular, ‘Rookie’ is a funky groovy pop dance song highlighting the members’ unique voices. A lover is expressed as a rookie in the lyrics and catchy hook with the letters will double up more fun to the song.

Moreover, through the group’s official website, the members are disclosing individual teaser images in consecutive orders. Today, they revealed Wendy’s teaser that became a hot issue.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet’s ‘Rookie’ will be out on February 1. (photo by SM Entertainment)