[Real Review] KICHO Aroha Glow CC Cushion, Beauty Editor’s ‘Life Cushion’!


[by Song Eun Ji] A review of KICHO’s new product ‘AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION’, a skin sommelier brand that has delivered two spoons of forest and a spoon of sea launched by Du Yeon Co., Ltd.

KICHO, which attract high expectation of women every time they launches a new products, have showcase new a product called ‘Aroha Glow CC Cushion’ after a lot of research. As a brand that is loved as a solid base line, CC cushions are also expected to be just as great. A beauty editor used the Aroha Glow CC cushion personally.

The first thing that stood out was the bright white and pink tones of the package. A package that opens on both sides as if entering the garden full of flowers. Inside, there was an Aroha Glow CC cushion.

A clean white cushion that fits snugly in one hand. Not only is not heavy, but it is also good in size and portability. When you open the lid, a large mirror is attached inside, and a protective cap and puff are built in to help keep the contents dry. Protective caps are indispensable to cushion facts where moisture should be maintained.

The neat, beige tone elastic puff with moderate thickness. It gives a stronger adhesion with a soft texture with elasticity.

The sponge holds the product evenly. Thanks to the elasticity of the sponge, the contents did not smeared out too much at a time, so it was easy to adjust the volume. When the product was picked up with a fingers and the puff, you can see that it goes on neatly and smoothly without any empty space.

Aroha Glow CC cushion was tested on the back of the hand. The evaluation was that it matches the word ‘glow’ in the product name. Thinly spread, but thanks to the delicate pearl particles in the contents, the skin immediately shines brightly. The point was the natural toning up and brightening effect without artificial feeling. The skin showed a remarkable difference even without using any lighting.

Then what about coverage? When I spread the CC cushion thinly on a blemish spot, the skin immediately became bright and the blemish was covered without a trace.

Regardless of the brightness and coverage effect, if the skin feels heavy or sticky, you end up never reaching for it again. The Aroha Glow CC cushion feels more like a moisture cream rather than heavy or cakey. Even when touched by hand, it does not feel sticky but hydrated. When it was tested with pieces of oil papers, you can see not many of them stuck to the hand.

As it is a CC cushion that contains more moisture than oil, it provided satisfactory results when it tested using the oil paper. Some amount of product came off, but oil paper did not turn transparent with the oil.

‘Kicho Aroha Glow CC Cushion’
Overall ★★★★★
Coverage ★★★★☆ Adhesion ★★★★★ Moisture ★★★★★ Longevity★★★★★ Brightness ★★★★★

It is a very moisturizing product that contains excellent moisturizing ingredients used in basic products such as deep sea water, rose sap, shea butter, lanolin (Sheep oil) and peony extract. A cushion that adds instant moisturizing feel to the immediate brightening effect. The brightness lasted even when I didn’t do any make-up correction after applying the morning makeup with CC cushion. I would like to recommend it to women who do not like complex base make-up because it adds skin care effect, strong UV protection (SPF50 + / PA +++) and natural coverage. Especially for women with dry skin who are suffering from dull skin tone, this Aroha Glow CC cushion will become a ‘Life Pact’. (photo by bntnews DB)

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