RAON points a knife at YEONG to back off! [Love in the Moonlight]


This poor couple cannot stay together because of who they are.

Being aware of how dangerous she is to Prince Yeong, she tries to stay far from him. However,Yeong does not want that. No matter how hard he tries, Raon continues to keep her distance.

Meanwhile, a notice with Raon‘s picture is posted, identifying herself as one of the traitors.Byeongyeon brings one of the posters to Yeong and warns that it will not be safe for her to remain in the city.

Late that night, Yeong goes to see Raon. He smiles as soon as he sees her face. Raon, on the other hand, takes her knife out and points it at his face. He takes a step toward her anyway. Then, grabbing her hands firmly, he cuts off his eternity bracelet.

Raon looks up at him in shock. Yeong speaks in a low voice, “I understand it now. I promise we will never meet again.”

Seriously, are they breaking up?

[Love in the Moonlight]

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