RAON becomes a WOMAN for PRINCE YEONG! [Love in the Moonlight]


Today, Hong Raon decides to become a woman for Prince Lee Yeong.

Just for Prince Yeong, Raon is not boyish Hong Samnom anymore. She is dressed up in a beautiful Hanbok to become a dancer.

As she is secretly changed into a woman, she cannot let anyone see her. However, she is about to get caught by the prince when Yunseong comes to help her out.

The longer Raon stays around Yeong, her feelings towards him grow bigger and bigger. She is beginning to act like a woman when she is in front of him. Looking at him asleep, she cannot stop smiling.

Meanwhile, Prince Yeong starts to understand his father. He is mature enough to see him as a person with flaws instead of as a perfect king.

Don’t miss out on Raon‘s beautiful dance moves, plus, the love triangle between Yeong, Raonand Yunseong!

[Love in the Moonlight]

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