‘Radio Star’ Muzie is close to Tak Jaehoon but doesn’t want to be on TV with him…


[by Ent Team] Muzie expresses his dissatisfaction with Tak Jaehoon’s 1+1 variety appearance strategy.

On the 23rd, talk show MBC ‘Radio Star’ broadcast will show the special episode ‘Follow your Friend to Radio Star’ with Baek Jiyoung, Cool’s Yuri, Tak Jaehoon and UV Muzie as guests as well as Yoo Byung Jae as the 12th special MC.

During the recent recording, Muzie expressed his grateful heart to Tak Jaehoon. Even though the two are 12 years apart they boast of a strong friendship. Muzie disclosed, ‘He is an existence that is more mom-like than my mom’ as he revealed a story of Tak Jaehoon helping him and even did an impersonation of Tak Jaehoon making everyone burst out in laughter.

However, Muzie expressed his dissatisfaction with Tae Jaehoon’s ‘1+1’ appearance strategy. Muzie mentioned Tak Jaehoon’s pushing forward of the ‘1+1’ strategy of appearing together on a variety, “I don’t want to appear on a broadcast together”, leaving a sharp comment. However Muzie’s comment about the ‘1+1’ appearance suggests the strong friendship they have.

In addition, Yoo Byung Jae who is the special MC caught people off guard with his comments as the ‘Black Comedy Master’, making people burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, Muzie’s confession towards Tak Jae Hoon can be checked out on the special episode of MBC ‘Radio Star – Follow your Friend to Radio Star’ to be broadcast on the 23rd at 11:10 pm. (photo by MBC ‘Radio Star’)

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