Pure Look Makeup Tips for Mesmerizing Guys like IU, Jung Chae Yeon and Suzy


[by Yoon Ji Hye] Regardless of the passing time, a woman with pure femininity charm has always been regarded as an ideal type for men. IU, Jung Chae Yeon and Suzy are stars who earned explosive popularity with such innocence as their weapon.

It is light and lively make-up that further enhances their pungent charm. We introduce make-up methods for those who want to express their pure femininity like these stars.

>>The core of innocent makeup “Pearlescent skin”

The essence of makeup that emits a lot of pure femininity is white pearlescent skin. Jung Chae Yeon, IU, and Suzy, who are known as the representatives of pure femininity, all radiates in clear and bright skin.

Therefore, if you want to promote a pure femininity, make extra efforts with your skin care. The skin’s basic background need to be clean in order to maximize the effects of the makeup.

>> Base makeup for creation of pearlescent skin

If you want to produce bright pearlescent skin, let’s make the most efforts in base makeup. First, it is essential to apply sun protection to protect your skin from UV rays. Let’s use sunscreen with moist and fresh finish so the base makeup will stay put in place.

Having a pearlescent skin does not mean to make you face whiter. You need to create a light and transparent skin in order to create delicate and frail look. Cushion products are the perfect to maximize these effect. Let’s use cushion product to create a skin filled moisture and light radiance.

>> Pigment makeup that will add vitality to your skin

Clear and pearlescent skin can enhance the look of pure femininity, but overly white skin can make you look sick. So for eye makeup, use an eyelash curler and a mascara to emphasize the eyelashes to create defined eyes.

For blushes, use a pink color with hint of white that has low saturation. Follow straight down from the pupil and add pigments to the center of the cheekbones.  Use cream type blusher to increase the sustainability. Use pink for the lip makeup as well and add lip gloss to create a plump and smooth finish.

Items that create a pure charm

01 KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Suncream is a cream-type sunscreen that is filled with hydration without skin irritation despite having a strong UV-blocking effect of SPF50 +++ / PA +++. It can be used fresh without white cast or stickiness, and it is perfect as a daily sunscreen.

02 KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION is a CC cushion that makes your skin moist and healthy with excellent durability and coverage. You can make clear, bright skin all day long with added deep sea water, western rose flower, shea butter and black ginseng extract to the finest New Zealand lanolin refined in Germany.

03 LANCOME Grandiose Waterproof Mascara maintains the eye makeup smudge free from water as well as oils. A unique 25-degree bent swan-necked stick brush fills eyelashes with a length and volume without sagging to create defined eyes.

04 Shu Uemura Glow On A cheek blusher consisting of a matte finish for natural look and a pearl texture for vivid look. It brightens both cheeks and adds natural liveliness.

05 Mamonde HIGHLIGHT LIP TINT This is a high pigmented tint that brightens up the skin tone as if you lit up a highlight on the face. (photo by KICHO, Lancome, Shu Uemura, Mamonde, bntnews DB)

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