Psy, ‘Love’ Music Video Teaser Sudden Release…’Repaying Love With a Song’

[by Ent Team] Psy released a music video teaser.
On July 13th, YG Entertainment disclosed the news, “We are surprise releasing the music video teaser for a track from Psy’s 8th full length album, ‘Love’.” Big Bang’s Taeyang features in the song ‘Love’ and it’s a song that gives the message that instead of being jealous or hating someone let’s love and cherish each other.
In relation on the morning of the 13th, the ‘Love’ music video teaser released on Psy’s official SNS matched a bright synth sound with Psy’s vocals, capturing the ears.
Also, Request Dance Crew members who specially appeared, sent hand kisses and had poses flowing with it, showing off their charms.
The choreography for this music video was brought together by Parris Goebel who creates dynamic and charismatic performances for YG Entertainment.
A representative said, “As much as Psy’s music has received love from the world, we wanted to repay it with positive energy and a song, preparing a song”, revealing the behind story of the production.
Meanwhile, ‘Love’ music video will be released on the 17th. In addition, Psy will start his summer concert ‘summer swag’ starting in Busan on the 29th to 5 cities. (photo by YG Entertainment)