Photos of two Moorim School’s Lee Hyun-woo and VIXX’s Hongbin



The new KBS 2TV Monday, Tuesday drama Moorim School is written by Kim Hyun-hee and Yang Jina, directed by Lee Soyeon and produced by JS Pictures. The drama centers around students at the school; including the warm and kind male students Yoon Shi-woo (Lee Hyun-woo) and Wang Zhi-aang(Hongbin),

Yoon Shi-woo is incredibly popular, however one day he becomes a bankrupt idol and enrolls himself into Moorim School. Wang Zhi-aang is a troublemaker whose father is the head of a large Chinese corporation. His father forced him into the prestigious Moorim school.


Moorim School’s Yoon Shi-woo played by Lee Hyun-woo

The positive and cute Wang Zhi-Aang contrasts the sharp yet arrogant Shi-woo. Because their backgrounds and personalities are so completely different, the two boys get off on the wrong foot, and have repeated conflicts with each other. Both Shi-woo and Zhi-Aang have their own incomparable charm, which is sure to capture women’s hearts.

However In reality Hongbin and Lee Hyun-woo who are both the 22 (born in 1993), quickly became good friends. After sharing some formal pleasantries, the two were quickly joking around, as people of the same age do.


Moorim School’s Wang Zhi-aang played by VIXX’s Hongbin

The school is not about having student learn things to acquire certifications and resume filler. Instead it tries to educate this on the importance of the virtues of: truth, loyalty, survival, sacrifice, communication and relationships, in order for them to be able to take a stand when they go out into society and the broader world. This action drama shows the process and transformations of their learning From the first stages of the production planning the show was strategically planned, for the viewers around the world to build a bond of sympathy and share different cultures. Lee Soyeon is the producers of Moorim School, and has worked on previous projects including Baby Faced Beauty, The Prime Minster and I and the Your Noir drama special.

Moorim School is on KBS 2TV’s replacing Oh My Venus, and starting January 11th 2016. Shi-woo and Zhi-Aang clash of outsized personalities in the bonus teaser, on the Naver – Moorim School TVCast.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by JS Pictures

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