Photo wall at the Don’t Forget Me VIP movie release event


On January 4th at the Wangsimni CGV in Seungdong-gu Seoul, the VIP release event for the movie Don’t Forget Me was held. We have capture some shots from the photo wall.

In the movie Don’t Forget Me, after a car accident, Seok-won (played by Jung Woo-sung) losses all memory of the past 10 years, upon waking. When he awakes he meets a secretive girl named Jin-young (played by Kim Ha-neul). He soon discovers that the love between them, is more important than regaining his memory. The movie will be released January 7th.

Don’t Forget Me’s  Jung Woo-sung and Kim Ha Neul

EXO’s Suho before the release of this years’ One Way Trip

Han Hyo-joo looking flashy

Jung Woo-sung’s good friend Lee Jung-jae also attended

Song Seung-heon dressed in all black

Kim Tae-hee is back at a movie release event after a long break

Go Soo, looking great!

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Choi Soo-young

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