‘Perfect’ Jaebok takes a video of Eunhee slapping Junghee! [Ms. Perfect]


Today, Jaebok continues to gather more evidence of how inappropriate Eunhee and Junghee are to get the custody of her young children.

Even when Jaebok tells her ex-husband the truth, he says he’s fine with it. From that moment, she knows that he’s crazy, too. She has to protect her children both from him and Eunhee.

Eunhee first thinks that Junghee truly loves her back. But, soon, she realizes he doesn’t. Because he misses his children so much, he goes to Jaebok after lying to Eunhee. Eunhee becomes very furious. She breaks and enters Jaebok‘s house to get him out. As soon as she sees him, she slaps him in the face.

In the meantime, Jaebok is recording their conversation to use it as a proof. She needs some evidence to present in the court of how inappropriate they are, that she’s the only right person to take care of the children.

It’s doesn’t seem like Junghee‘s newfound confidence would lead him to be a better person. Could Jaebok successfully gain the custody of her children?

[Ms. Perfect]

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