‘Perfect’ EUNHEE now attracts JAEBOK’s husband! [Ms. Perfect]


Mysterious Eunhee finally takes off her mask.

One night, Eunhee notices that Junghee got injured at work. In lace pajamas, she tries to attract him by curing him.

Meanwhile, Jaebok wakes up from a nightmare. Being unaware of what’s happening outside, she goes out to the kitchen to have some water. She finds Eunhee there. As she intentionally or accidentally drops a burning frying pan on the floor, Eunhee jumps off to get away from it. Now that Jaebok knows she can walk, she asks her why she’s been lying.

In fact, Eunhee is an old fan of Junghee. She’s had a crush on him since high school. Is this why she’s making a revenge on Jaebok? What is she up to? Things are getting more and more interesting!

[Ms. Perfect]

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