‘Perfect’ EUNHEE, “My husband’s first love, I know it’s you.” [Ms. Perfect]


Eunhee is getting even scarier. She knew Jaebok is her husband’s first love in the first place!

Going back, when Jaebok finds Nami on the stairs, she doesn’t know what to do at first. An ambulance is on the spot within minutes even before she makes a call. On the way to the hospital, unfortunately, Nami no longer has a pulse.

After hearing the disastrous news, Junghee goes to meet his wife. He shouts at her, “I know Nami and I did something very terrible to you. Still… how could you do that?” Even though she tells him it’s not true, he doesn’t believe her.

Meanwhile, Eunhee tries to comfort her over what she’s been going through recently. Eunhee says, “I have a broken heart, too. My husband is seeing somebody else. I know it’s his first love.” Jaebok, all terrified, asks her if she knows who his first love is. Looking impassively at her, Eunhee replies, “Yes, I do. It’s you.”

It looks like she knows the relationship between her husband and Jaebok. What now?

[Ms. Perfect]

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