Pay Attention If You Want Silky Smooth Body This Spring


[by Lee Hee Soo] Spring season is when dresses and jean skirts match the weather well. As we prepare for the weather to reveal our skin that was hiding under the padding jackets and coats, are you secretly worried about the condition of your body skin?

It is also important to have styling that resembles a warm spring and gives off spring energy, but before that, body skin care is absolutely essential. Rough dead skins are not for sharing. So here are tips for silky and healthy body skin.

▶ Body Brush

We take care of the lymphatic vessels around the face and massage them but we often ignore our bodies. There are lymphatic vessels in your body and if you manage it like you manage your face, you can achieve clean and clear body skin as well. Fatigue relief is an added bonus.

Dry brushing with body brush before shower is recommended. Dry brushing helps the blood circulation of the lymph vessels, which circulate the blood, which is liable to accumulate waste, and induces waste discharge. If you use it consistently, your skin will be clear and your blood flow will be improved. With your body dry, you can brush your body slowly all over the place.

01 ONTRÉE ‘Scandinavian Birch Wood Bath Brush’ Bath brush made of birch and natural boar bristle.

02 The Body Shop ‘Cactus Brush’ A natural cactus thorn body brush that creates soft skin.

▶ Body Cleansing

You will often use a body cleanser that gives a richer bubble a squeaky clean impression. This makes you think the product has stronger cleaning power, removes body sebum and washed off all of the unseen dirt off your body. But the fact is, it causes skin dryness.

A weak acidity cleanser is the right answer. Healthy skin pH level is weak acid and immunity is best at this time. However, most of the alkaline cleansers break down the weak acidic skin pH levels. As a result, the skin becomes dry, and the skin becomes hardened due to drying, which cause bumpy and rough skin. Use a mildly acidic cleanser that will make your skin look soft and healthy even if it has fewer bubbles.

01 Dewey Tree ‘7cut Flower Garden Moisture Body Cleanser’ A weak acidic body cleanser that strengthens the skin barrier.

02 Aesop ‘Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser’ A body cleanser that delivers shine and moisture to fragile and delicate skin with botanical ingredients.

▶ Body lotion

After showering, the skin becomes inevitably dry. Because the moisture evaporates and the skin moisture is dragged off together. If you use an alkaline cleanser here, you may experience severe dryness that feels like your skin is tearing along with flushing as well as keratosis.

The winter may be over but if your skin is still dry, you must apply body lotion. At this time, as soon as the lotion is applied, it can be absorbed into the skin. In this case, it is better not to stop at once but apply several times to distribute hydration and oil abundantly. Choose a lotion containing nutritious moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba oil, honey, and pumpkin extract.

01 Innisfree ‘Jeju Camellia Butter Body Lotion’ A body lotion containing rich nourishing and moisturizing camellia butter obtained from Jeju camellia seeds.

02 Laura Mercier ‘Creme Bruleé Soufflé Body Cream’ A body lotion that gives vitality to your skin and gives you a sweet scent of healing.

★ Managing the body line

If you have finished your skin care to express the spring with styling, it is time to take care of the body line that you should not be overlooked, because fashion is completed with in the form of the body. For those who dream of perfect body, we introduce Home Body Diet Device LeBody Form.

LeBody Form is a mid-frequency current stimulation home care diet device that helps you build a wannabe figure at home. 1,000Hz current induce muscles contraction and relaxation while helping muscle production, thereby increasing the basic metabolism and burning the body fat. Especially, it can stimulate muscles that are not used well in everyday life, so you can make a solid rock body. Cellulite that is not easy to manage is also refined, and it is also characterized by its low mid-frequency current that can be used comfortably. (photo by Lebody Form, ONTRÉE, The Body Shop, bntnews DB)