Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk releases Millet TV commercial for Fall Season



Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk releases Millet TV commercial for Fall Season   

French authentic outdoor brand Millet released its fall season TV commercial ‘Style’ with Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk.

The commercial was filmed on the European style cafe street in order to emphasise Millet’s fall lineup which is functional and stylish outdoor wear. The active features of two models wearing fall season new products, catch people’s eyes and the commercial uses fashion magazine’s format such as magazine-like scenes.

Millet Marketing managing director Park Yong-hak said, “Outdoor industry is not targeting only climbers anymore. Now, from young generation to old generation, everyone is enjoying outdoor wear in his/her own way. Outdoor wear can be worn in a city as well as a mountain. This commercial reflects the trend”.

As Lee Jong-suk and Park Shin-hye worked together several times through various works and Millet pictorial, the filming was taken in a very friendly atmosphere. After this bright and fresh ‘Style’ version, ‘Heritage’ version emphasising the authenticity, will be aired soon.

Moreover, TV commercial celebration event will be held on Millet official Facebook account from September 1 to September 11. 20 people will be chosen based on their mission to scrap the commercial scenes and to post a comment. Then, many gifts will be given to them.




GET IT K Han Jihee Photo by Millet English Translation by Jin Kim

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