Park Jung Hyun Wraps Up Successful Tour


[by Ent Team] Park Jung Hyun’s concert in Busan was a success.

Park Jung Hyun put the final touch to her nation-wide tour with her Busan date for LET IT SNOW, her yearend concert, on December 30 and 31.

On these days, the singer blew her audience away with her fantastic voice. She performed songs that anyone can follow such as ‘In The Dream’, ‘I’ll Write You A Letter’ or ‘My Day’ but also the song that got her so much attention in MBC’s ‘I’m A Singer’, which is ‘Gift’, also known as ‘I hope it would be that way now’.

Her specialty is that she embraces emotion when she sings, pouring her incredible energy throughout the venue all while keeping up with several ambiances and atmospheres.

Meanwhile, Park Jong Hyun was able to tour 4 cities including Seoul and Busan for a total of 7 dates that proved her selling power as much as her reputation as one of the country’s best female vocalists. (photo by CatchPop Entertainment)