Onew and Lee Jin Ah Collaborate for ‘STATION’


[by Woorim Ahn] SM’s ‘STATION’ announced a special collaboration.

According to the agency on August 9, the 27th runner of ‘STATION’ will be SHINee Onew and singer-songwriter Lee Jin Ah and they will release new song ‘Starry Night’ on August 12 at midnight.

This time’s ‘STATION’ got to make a new collaboration from SM and Antenna and as Antenna’s main producer Yoo Hee Yeol participated in the producing process, he raised the song’s completion degree.

‘Starry Night’ is a pop jazz song reinterpreting modern jazz based on contrabass sound embracing dramatic keyboard sound and the song. Its emotional mood like a fairy tale and lyrics are contained and Onew’s heartwarming voice and Lee Jin Ah’s clear and mysterious voice harmonized well.

Moreover, Lee Jin Ah participated in writing lyrics and melodies and proved her side as a singer-songwriter. Onew also showed his new side through KBS drama ‘Descendant of the Sun’ as an actor, so the two’s meeting became a hot issue.

Meanwhile, ‘STATION’ releases a new song on Fridays. (photo by SM Entertainment)