On Showtime Infinite, Nam Woohyun works as the director for their White Confession music video



Infinite’s Woohyun worked as the director for the new Christmas Infinite music video.

This coming December 24th, on MBC Every1’s Showtime Infinite everyone will be able to see the group’s music video for their Christmas song White Confession, in which Woohyun worked as the director.

As a shout out to fans during the Christmas season, they will be doing a special event. The special event is a heart-stopping version of their music video for White Confession, which was created directly by the members of Infinite. From directing, to acting, management, props and all the necessities the members of Infinite did all of it themselves, for the production of this music video. The most important duty was being the director, who needs to watch over everything.

When determining the important role of director, they all looked very concerned and hesitant. But Woohyun threw his hat right in. The members entrusted fan favourite Woohyun with capturing women’s hearts via their music video. He was extremely careful and detailed in his role as director, but they worried greatly nonetheless.



But when it came to the actual shooting, the member forgot all their worries. Woohyun became possessed by the spirit of a director, and began overflowing with confidence and authority.

They made certain to record scenes that showed off each member’s unique personality. The members also strived to have high quality scenes in the final version of their video.

The most unique aspect is, that the music video is shot from the first person perspective of a girlfriend. There is no female lead in the video. The camera plays the female lead. Infinite is sure to melt and capture the hearts of women, as the boyfriends in the new music video.

You can see the romantic music video from the seven members of Infinite, for their song White Confession on MBC Every1’s Showtime Infinite, this December 24th at 6pm.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by MBC Every1

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