On Showtime Infinite, L meets his high school teacher.



Infinite’s L get surprised while recording Showtime Infinite, when his high school teacher appears. There is a surprise meeting on the December 31st broadcast of MBS Everyone Show Time Infinite for the members of Infinite.

When asked if there is anyone he is often grateful for, L brought up his high school math teacher.

The team leader Sungkyu was the only one who knew about the surprise event. The other members thought they were recording Infinite Tasty Food Tours, not Show Time.


Showtime Infinite

Sungkyu hid in a restaurant and was preparing the surprise event.

L’s math teacher disguised himself as a restaurant server. The teacher served food several times to him and banged his head on lights by mistake, but L couldn’t recognize who he was.

Until other members who also knew the teacher became suspicious, L didn’t know what was happening.

After a long while, he realized it was a surprise event and stammered out an apology to his former teacher.

You can see this surprise event on Dec 31 at 6:00pm through MBC Everyone Show Time Infinite.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Get It K DB

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