‘OH MY TEACHER!’, Han JuWan, end of ‘School 2017’.


Han Ju Wan delivered his feeling with the end of ‘School 2017’.

He gave great thanks to other actors and staffs that they struggled together for this drama under the strong heat of this summer. He also left a word for viewers of ‘School 2017’, “Thank you so much for your love and interests!”

Han Ju Wan acted as ‘Sim Gangmyeong’ who is a home room teacher of class 2-1 of Gumdo high school. In drama, though he doesn’t know well about life since he grew up in a sheltered environment as a model student, he tries his best to help his students under teacher’s responsibility. He is the character who expresses teens’ thoughts, looking our society on the stance of Gumdo high school students.

He showed his love toward ‘School 2017’ by supporting others in the field. He prepared ‘Han Ju Wan’s food truck’ for the casts and staffs and helped many young novice actors by teaching and answering to their questions about acting.

Meanwhile, he will soon come back to us on a screen and a Braun tube through both movie and drama. Drama ‘School 2017’ will be ended in episode 16 on today, 5th at 10PM.

Thanks for their hard work and effort with wonderful story, ‘School 2017’!


[Image Source : Starhaus Entertainment]