Office Look, Wear These!


[by Kim Minsoo] Despite of the ever-changing women’s fashion trend, the office look continues to be loved by office women. It has kept its place quietly by radiating the charm of the office look among the gorgeous and trendy styles.

Even when you only look at the public appearances of the stars, the luxurious and dignified office looks trumps over the various fashion trends. There is something in common with the celebrities that wears the office look. They have their own unique stylish senses.

We took a closer look at these celebrities.

#Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye Ji attended her fan signing in Gangnam. She appeared as if she was a goddess with her all white look and feminine style. She created a perfect style by wearing a warm-feeling sweater and slacks with stiletto heels.

[Editor Pick] A social life is not easy. It can’t be always good when you are tossed left and right. On the days when you are feeling down, let’s try wearing white to change the mood. It is important to keep away from over the top styles. If you are not comfortable with wearing all white, you can match it with beige to complete more sensuous look.

#Seo Ji Hye

Seo Ji Hye attended VIP premiere for “Confidential Assignment” wearing black and white showing off the textbook of modern office look style. By matching white innerwear and wide slacks combination with the black long coat, she truly expressed her extraordinary style.

[Editor Pick] When pure black and white come together, the elegance and sophistication melts in to one. It may not be fancy or colorful, but the clean and neat charm can steal the hearts of everyone who wears them. Especially, the blouse that reveals the shoulder line can give a even more striking professional impression as office woman.

#Ahn So Hee

Ahn So Hee made an appearance at the production announcement for the movie ‘Single Rider’, which premiere on February 22nd, looking like a serious actress. Her look was somewhat old, but she emphasizes the short length of the skirt, the bold line of the overall curve, and used the dressy charm as a point, which makes it more stylish.

[Editor Pick] If you consider the cold weather these days, you should pay attention to the fabric material. The knit sweater material that holds warmth is a winter’s essential item which is sought out for more than anything because it has high thermal insulation power. Especially the combination of a top and mid length skirts is a good item to produce a luxurious and chic business look. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)