NOBRAIN Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Special Album


[by Ent Team] 2016 is NOBRAIN’s 20th anniversary.

After writing the history of Korean rock for 20 years, band NOBRAIN will be releasing its ‘20’ album on November 17.

A selection of the band’s hit songs, a reconstitution of their career. But the sound is new. It perfectly depicts the twenty years of NOBRAIN’s life in rock music, with ups and downs but mostly ups.

This album will allow fans to truly, effectively feel the evolution of the group as the tracks are organized year by year to properly translate the process that made NOBRAIN what it is today. Most songs are favorites of the public, and were performed live numerous times. This will help fans who were never lucky enough to attend concerts to discover a new charisma of the band.

’20’ include 8 signature tracks of NOBRAIN that were revisited for the anniversary as well as 2 new songs that express the musicians’ love and gratitude towards their fan base. More than anything, this album can be seen as a retrospective of the band’s career until now that also sets a new start for an even brighter future.

Meanwhile, NOBRAIN’s anniversary album ‘20’ will be released on November 17. (photo by Rockstar Music & Live)