Nightmare – Yoon Do Hyun, Reddy, G2, INLAYER, JOHNNY


Nightmare Lyrics English

The night of city full with darkness
I hear the laughter of villains
I feel the corners of your mouth turn up
Look at my eyes
Because everything is in my eyes
Whatever you guys do, it will be still in the palm of my hand
I’m the devil of the villains
If you imagine a nightmare
I’ll be the one that will come up in your mind
The hero’s future that’s the lame aim of villains
I will never die
The hero of a movie
But ain’t the good or the bad guy
I’ll just take all my stuff
And I’ll steal all your stuff
A villain who’s wearing a cloak, Stackin mili,
I like to steal yours
I’m at a place that’s too high for you to look up

Not to get hurt,
I should not consume my emotions
To accomplish the missions
I have no mercy for you
I swallow everything up
This entire earth is all blacked out
The inside of my mind is the opposite of the calm
The evil heart welcomes me

I’m in a Limo instead of a black horse
The flower that bloomed at night with the scent of success
My schedule on the calendar makes Bingo
My Ego is as strong as my rare item
Our Limo doesn’t turn off
Skills are based, and the map became smaller
Your guns are Reloaded
I have lots of bullets and the God helps me
I became your nightmare
But you still dream to become like me, Irony
Girls want my Harley Quinn tonight
If you want, we can go for a drive till the morning

I’m working hard today while you’re asleep
I’m sorry to those who want me to fall
Why are you so serious with the comedies?
I always feel high and it never goes down below the ground
Hey I work like a villain everyday
I will be shining like the name of our company
And I will become a greater person just like my name
Universe, I am not here I’m out

I’m leaving taking everything alone
I know the inside story of the hidden truth
I know why they had to do
Why are you standing still looking down?

Who am I (I can’t stay calm)
Who am I (I drive with you next to me)
Who am I (I am your nightmare)
Am I who I am
(I drive with you next to me) (Everything)

I am

Nightmare Romanization

eodumi gadeukan dosiui bam
akdangdeurui useumsoriga na
ipkkoriga mak ollaganeun ge
neukkyeojyeo nae nunchorireul bwa
modeun geosi naui siseon sok inikka
neone deuri hae bwatja naui sonbadak an
naneun akdangdeurui angma,
angmongeul sangsangeul hamyeon
tteooreuneun ge baro naya
akdangui mokjeok ppeonhan
hieoroui mirae I will never die
yeonghwa soge juingong
But ain’t the good or the bad guy
geunyang nae kkeo chaenggigo
ni kkeo humchyeobeoryeo ssak da
mangtoreul ibeun Villain, Stackin mili,
geobe jillin
nine kkinikkaji ppaeseo meongneun chwimi
imi chyeodabol su eomneun wichi

gamjeong sobireul an haeya
sangcheodo an bada
jakjeon wallyohagireul wihaeseoramyeon
jabi ttawineun jeoldaero eopseo
modeun geoseul samkyeo
i jigu jeoncheneun wanjeon sikeomeoke amjeon
jeongsin sogeun yamjeonui bandae
agui maeumdeuri nareul bangyeo

kkaman mal daesine tasseo Limo
seonggongui hyanggi naneun bame pin kkot
dallyeoge seukejureun geoui Bingo
nae reeotem cheoreom geonganghae naui Ego
an kkeojyeo uri Limoui sidong
sillyeogeun gibonigo jidoneun jagajyeosseo
neone chongeun Reload
nan chongari mana nareul dopji sindo
nan dwaebeoryeosseo neone deurui angmongi
geureondedo neonen nareul kkumkkwo aireoni
yeojadeureun wonhae oneul bam nae hallikwin
wonhandamyeon achimkkaji neol taeugo dalliji

oneuldo yeorilhae niga jal sigane
naega manghagil baraneun aedeulhanten mianhae
yeneung bomyeonseo neon wae ireoke simgakae
nae gibuneun hangsang wiya jeoldae eopseo jihae
Hey nan maeil akdangcheoreom ilhago
uri hoesa ireumcheoreom jjuk binnago
deo daedanhaejil geoya naui ireumcheoreom
ujuya nan yeogi eopseo I’m out

honjaseo modeun geol jilmeojigo tteona
gamchwojin jinsil sok naemageul aneun na
wae geuraeyaman haesseonneunji algo isseo
wae geureoke tto arael bogo meomchwo isseo

Who am I (mot isseo naneun yamjeonhi)
Who am I (neol taeugo dalliji)
Who am I (I am your nightmare)
Am I who am
(neol taeugo dalliji) (ssak da)

I am