Nam Ji Hyun’s New Look Is Everything


[by Ent Team] Nam Ji Hyun from drama series ‘Shopaholic Louis’ just went through a makeover.

On the 6th episode of the show which broadcast on October 12, the chemistry of the two protagonists played by actress Nam Ji Hyun and superstar Seo In Guk was easily noticeable – and enjoyable. Fans are already loving the show.

In the photo above, which was disclosed before airing, the public was particularly surprised to see Nam’s transformation. Go Bok Shil, her character, is a woman who used to live in a remote area of the Kangwon Province but, after her grandmother passed away, had to go to Seoul to look for her younger brother who had left home. This is where she met Louis, who is a victim of amnesia.

At the beginning of the show, she was wearing tangled hair, just tied up in a ponytail, looking sort of messy but the magic happened when she went to a salon with Louis. Now that her hair is sleek and perfect, Korean viewers are even more eager to see her romance with Louis develop.

Meanwhile, MBC’s new drama series ‘Shopaholic Louis’ airs every Wed, Thursday at 10PM KST. (photo by Soop Ent)