‘Naked Fireman’ CHEOLSU and JINA begin to trust each other! [Naked Fireman]


It is found out that Cheolsu is not responsible for Jina‘s parents’ death. And, she knows the truth as well.

Her unkind aunt, however, still stands up for her boyfriend. Even when he tries to steal Jina‘s money, she gives him a hand.

Without knowing their plan, Jina begins to see what kind of person Cheolsu really is. After watching him rescue a person from the danger without hesitation, she realizes he’s not such a bad person after all.

Not only is she correcting misunderstandings, but she’s also sharing some romantic moments with Cheolsu. He asks, “How about a boyfriend? No? What do you think about me?”

Meanwhile, the police officer who is the close friend of Jina seems to be somewhat suspicious. As she doesn’t follow his words, he screams at her on the phone.

There must be some huge secrets hidden behind!

[Naked Fireman]

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