N Is Proud Of VIXX’s Evolution


[by Kim Hee Eun / Photo by Kim Chi Yoon] VIXX N shared his thoughts on the group’s comeback.

On October 31, VIXX held a celebrative showcase for the release of ‘Kratos’ its third mini-album in YES24’s Live Hall in Gwangjin, Seoul.

On stage, N expressed his feelings regarding ‘VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION’, the three-part album project of the group this year. He said, “You can’t say that every single detail is VIXX but I think that we strongly expressed our personal colors in this album.”

He then added, “We showed a neat evolution. I thought that we were finally able to provide you with better performances and something new. I have to say that we gained a lot of confidence during the process of building those performances solely based on hard work.”

The title song ‘The Closer’ has a provocative atmosphere with sext lyrics and a refined electronic synth sound.

Meanwhile, VIXX released ‘Kratos’, the last part of ‘VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION’ on October 31 and they’re now kicking off promotion.

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