‘Mystery’ Seolok doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake! [Queen of Mystery]


Seolok relentlessly pursues the evidence until she’s 100 sure. And, today, she reveals the reason why she’s so obsessed with mystery.

Here’s why Seolok works so hard on mysterious cases. It’s because she has a similar experience. She believes that there’s a strong mystery that surrounds the death of her parents.

After she finds out that she is wrong, she decides not to be involved in the case. Showing up with a disappointed look on her face, she recalls her past when her parents died so suddenly. Until today, she doesn’t believe her parents killed themselves. No matter what she thinks, the police says they’re 99 sure that it’s a suicide death. This is why she doesn’t speak up before she’s 100 sure about it.

When she finds out that she’s wrong, she starts to feel out of control and scared about what might come next.

Could she get through this hard time?

[Queen of Mystery]

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